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Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to join forces with a reputable, leading direct marketer and manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet and specialty supplements, health and beauty aids and more.

Now you can earn money by placing links to our online store on your web site. For every visitor that clicks to our site from your site and places an order, you receive a commission!

Apply to our program now and here is what you will earn:

  • 10% commission on all products
  • Return Day policy: You will continue to earn commissions on all purchases made by new NutriScience Research customers for 45 days!
  • Free Multi-Media Marketing Program: Put the power of a direct marketing leader to work for you! We will initiate a free campaign to your customers to immediately incentivize return purchases. This program will include:
    • Introductory Email with special savings towards next purchase
    • New Sales Announcements that provide incremental savings opportunities and higher average order sizes
  • Average Order size of $100 due to our exclusive multi-bottle sales

Capitalize on a Hugely Popular Category- Healthful Products for Everyone!

From young adults to aging baby boomers and everyone in between-now, more than ever, people are looking for ways improve their overall health and well-being. So no matter what your target demographic or site category is --NutriScience Researchhas the products, special offers and creative that generate high click throughs and sales:

  • Family Health & Nutrition -busy moms who seek support for children, spouses, pets, and aging parents
  • Senior Formulas -active and inactive lifestyles, primary 65+, secondary 55+
  • Formulas for Women - healthy living, menopause, bone health, diet
  • Formulas for Men - healthy living, prostate, vitality, fitness
  • Holistic Health - healthcare practioners, chiropractic, massage therapists, herbalists, alternative health professionals and their clients
  • Children's Supplements -busy moms, dads and grandparents
  • Diet & Fitness - weight loss, low-carb, gyms, personal trainers, healthy living
  • Sports Nutrition - athletes, body-builders, fitness enthusiasts
  • Beauty Products - women's sites, salons, spas
  • And much, much more!


  • We supply you with sales-motivating text links and graphics--featuring health and wellness solutions and offers of our super sales and year 'round promotions
  • Our online marketing network: We put our targeted email and database marketing segmentation to work for you. Communicating with your referred customers drives repeat commissions to you automatically. No other affiliate program works this hard for you!

Start making money today!

Offer your customers access to this valuable source for great savings on quality nutritional supplements. We look forward to a healthy partnership with you!


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